Wordless Wednesday: Winter in New York






Visiting Western New York for New Year’s –
a wee bit snowier than the warm, dry south!

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20 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Winter in New York

  1. I know I would be complaining if I lived in this for several months, but right now it is verging on HOT in Florida so all this white really looks good to me.

  2. Looks like just the right amount of snow, awesome. Happy new year!

  3. I’ll be in NYC and Boston next week, and while I’m hoping for nice weather to making getting from one appt to the next easier, I’m also looking forward to pretty scenes like you’ve posted.

  4. Great pictures! I’m ready for spring, I don’t like winter.

  5. How I miss winter’s whiteness! I’m a Midwestern transplant to the south, and the little snow we do get is *nothing* in amount and texture to the snow of the north. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

  6. I hope your trip was a good one…we got some snow as well here in PA, but not as much as NY. It looks beautiful there. Happy New Year!

  7. Ohhh, pretty snow. I hope to see some this year. (be careful what you wish for, right?)

  8. I like to look at snow, in pictures, from afar. I like the 50 degree weather of the south!

  9. Gorgeous photos, but I have to say I wish spring was here.

  10. Second photo is my favorite!!! Though they are all lovely as always =)

  11. Beautiful! That’s usually what Chicago looks like by this time of the year, but as of now, we don’t have *any* snow. Craziness!

  12. Very pretty to look at… elsewhere! That is usually what I have to endure this time of year. I’m so glad we have made it to January without snow in Chicago.

  13. Beth F

    Brrrrr. But so pretty.

  14. Beautiful, but looks chilly!

  15. Chilly but beautiful!

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  16. So pretty! I wish we would get more snow in the DMV area!

  17. completely jealous that you get snow! down here we get nothing but rain and its at a comfortable 60 degrees.

  18. Great pictures! Our snow is kind of ugly now. Rain and dirty…