(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Views of Tuscany in 2007

On a dreary week in November, I found myself thinking about my family’s Italian vacation in 2007 — and got a hankering to look through my old photos. Considering I’ve become thoroughly obsessed with photography in recent years, I edited a few with my new knowledge — and loved reminiscing about my first time in Europe. These shots were taken in San Gimignano, just before the clouds broke and the fog burned off.

For more about the trip and my process of editing old pictures, check out this post I wrote for my photography club’s site. And for more Wordless Wednesday, visit here!

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11 responses to “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Views of Tuscany in 2007

  1. I love these photos…simply gorgeous. Although I have been to Italy, we never made it to Tuscany. I really want to visit when I go back. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

  2. Just gorgeous – particularly the top photo. I wish I were there right now.

  3. These are stunning! I love the soft light you caught, especially in the last one. I remember walking through squelchy mud as we walked through Tuscany and stopping to exclaim over vines that were gnarled with years and years. Thanks for the reminder :D

  4. One day I will see Tuscany. *le sigh*

  5. Those are gorgeous! I love the softness in the distance.

  6. Beth F

    Lovely. I really should go through some of my old slides, digitize them and use some tweaking to help them along.

  7. Meg, your photos are alwayas lovely, but these took my breath away. Made me wish I was back in Florence, just beautiful.

  8. Those are beautiful!! I want to go to Tuscany so badly. I’ve been to Florence but didn’t make it to Tuscany and it just looks so gorgeous. (And wine-filled, that too.)

  9. Italy in general is beautiful!!!!
    I live in Puglia…visit my blog and you will find some amaxing places to visit!