Wordless Wednesday: Fall around the Capitol

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21 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Fall around the Capitol

  1. Beautiful colors! Here most leaves are already falling (and it’s raining so hard it’s hardly pretty anymore).

  2. Lovely pictures! They really make me want to visit DC. I haven’t been there in years even though I don’t live that far away! Hopefully I can make a trip soon- it definitely looks gorgeous in the fall!

  3. Alexandra Johnson

    Beautiful fall pictures! Hope to see fall in Maryland someday.

  4. Sounds fantastic. I should go back in the fall some day.

  5. Great pics! I spent 10 days in DC a couple years ago and I was astounded by how beautiful it was…my pics did not turn out nearly as good as yours though :)

  6. Beautiful! You always take amazing photos, Meg.

  7. sandynawrot

    That is beautiful! For the last couple of years, my kids and I were up there in early November on a field trip, and I loved all the colors. We don’t get colors down here and I miss it.

  8. Love the 2nd photo and how the tree provides a pretty frame.

  9. Makes me wish I were there.

  10. Kelli H.

    These are beautiful pictures of the Capitol!!=)

  11. Those are beautiful. When I was in RI two weeks ago the colors were just starting to show. I took just a few pictures. I do miss fall so very much.

  12. Makes me wish I could come back to DC and live there permanently!

  13. I have only went to DC once. I really need to visit. While I love me a good Fall Season, I think I’d have to visit in the Spring, though. Those famed cherry blossoms.

    P.S. All I see in that last picture is an ORB! :p

    • Meg

      Ah, yes — cherry blossom time is definitely the way to go. I’m obsessed! And you’re totally right about the orb-ish blob . . . I’ve been into solar flare recently. I have some better shots that don’t look so ghostly, but I kind of dug this one. :)

  14. Meg

    Thank you all for the kind words! You’re welcome in D.C. anytime. I’ll roll out the red carpet. :)