That one where I go on about the cherry blossoms again

Yes, I know — I’ve already been downtown to see the cherry blossoms this year, and I really thought I was done with them. Our whole family trekked downtown March 18 to see the early-blooming trees and soak up the festive atmosphere. It was fun and we had a great time, but the day itself was gray and dismal. No sun. No warmth. Though I liked a few of my photos, most were pretty uninspired. Just lackluster.

At the last minute I was able to switch a day off work and ventured downtown again on Friday. At 80 degrees and sunny, the tourists had gotten the memo: get into the city now to see the trees — or forever hold your peace. Saturday and Sunday were predicted to be rainy, wet and ugly, so that Friday marked the last hurrah. (Of course, it didn’t really go down that way . . . but that’s what we all thought.)

The photographic results? Much better this time. It’s amazing what some blue sky can do. Everyone was milling about the Tidal Basin with their iPhones, cameras and tripods, and I was handed a camera (or phone) three times to take pictures for others while admiring the folks on paddle boats and sipping Diet Coke. Mom and I took our Canons out like the intrepid photogs we are, and not even broken Metro escalators, crowds and excessive heat could hold us down.

It was so hot that I actually got sunburned, then spent the rest of the weekend feeling simultaneously hot and cold when the temperatures dropped again. Spence and I went to Fredericksburg, Va., to celebrate our second anniversary on Saturday (yay!), and I was the weirdo bundled in a jacket with a red-hot burn across her face and chest. It was, like, 60 degrees and raining. I probably looked like a wayward, disheveled spring-breaker thrown really, really off course.

Regardless, it was fun.

And I obviously took a liking to the umbrellas popping up in the crowd. They added some drama.

And now you won’t have to hear me go on and on about a bunch of pink trees anymore.

You know . . . until next spring.

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15 responses to “That one where I go on about the cherry blossoms again

  1. Hopefully next year I’ll be taking pictures like those!

  2. sandynawrot

    Absolutely stunning! I have never seen the blossoms. I’ve had friends go up there and brave the crowds and they have reported that it was totally worth it. I WAS there in the fall though, when all the leaves are changing, which was pretty impressive!

  3. lomaurice

    Gorgeous and amazing! I was lucky enough to see them many, many years ago. Will never forget.

  4. You’re pictures are beautiful. Great post! I love pink…

  5. Gorgeous! I went to see the cherry blossoms after work about a week ago.

  6. I never get tired of you talking about the pink trees. More, more! Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I like the one with the boats.

  7. Lovely photos! The cherry blossom tree is some of my favorites. There’s just something about them that leaves me speechless. Wish they could bloom year round!

  8. Your photos are glorious! Happy anniversary to you and Spencer!

  9. I love the photos. Post them as often as you like :)

  10. I’m in Bethesda visiting family. This definitely inspires me to go back to DC and see this in person. Amazing pics !

  11. I didn’t even realize this was a thing until this year–and mostly after I posted the Bradford Pear pictures. SO STINKIN GORGEOUS! I’m glad that you went again and shared more pictures–and the parasols are very idyllic next to the blooms.

  12. Gorgeous! I love the pink umbrella you caught in the first image.

  13. Oh, they’re all so beautiful!

  14. kay

    It’s true, the colors are very different! Wow! I love the umbrella one and the one just under. Pure gorgeousness.

  15. Gorgeous pictures Meg!