Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful church in Leonardtown, Maryland

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21 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful church in Leonardtown, Maryland

  1. Awesome shot. Look at that sky. Wow. And with the blue stained glass …. nice.

  2. It almost looks like an illustration it is so perfect!

  3. The sky in these pictures is unreal – it almost looks fake, but it’s still so striking and beautiful.

  4. Kristin

    Wow – that second photo is very Van Gogh “Starry Night” with the swirling clouds.

  5. That is a beautiful church!

  6. Seriously amazing clouds. I need to take photo lessons from you Meg.

  7. As beautiful as the church is, that sky is simply breathtaking!

  8. Wow, those are beautiful photos Meg! They look like illustrations (which is a compliment). Thanks for sharing :)

  9. That is lovely. Looks like a painting.

  10. Very pretty. The sky is beautiful.

  11. Those are stunning! They look like paintings!

  12. Love this photo!!!

  13. wow! those pictures are amazing. how did you capture the sky like that? it almost looks photoshop, but at the same time its so breathtaking!

    • Meg

      Thank you! These are HDR shots, my newest photo technique — high dynamic range photos that capture more of what the natural eye sees when looking at a scene. That sky is pretty close to what I really saw while out and about — that’s why makes HDR so cool!

  14. Trippy sky…I love it!

  15. What did you do to the sky to get this awesome shot?

    • Meg

      The sky always looks awesome in HDR photos — that’s when HDR really shines for me! I didn’t have to do much but press the shutter and stitch together three contrasting images I took of the church. When I was done putting them together, it looked just like this — which is very close to what I saw last weekend!

  16. Were these photos taken by you?? They are absolutely stunning! If so you need to do a post about some of your photography/editing tips and secrets!! ;)

    • Meg

      Thanks — yes, these are courtesy of yours truly! I am thinking about putting together a post on HDR photography — would be fun to write about! It’s my new favorite trick. Makes even the most ordinary scenes interesting. (Though the church was gorgeous all on its own!)